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News > EG Associates Program connecting creative hubs in 4 continents.
EG Associates Program connecting creative hubs in 4 continents.

Composed by four main business units, Épico.cl is currently establishing a network of selected professionals and establishments in different creative hubs of the world. From December 2018, some of the productions, products and services created by Épico Group in Chile, which will be showcased in an international creative tour which will become a documentary that highlights the value proposition of other creative economies in the world, while educating the chilean creative industry as to how such value could be applied in other markets with similar needs, in potential creative and technological exchanges.

The initiative is created by Épico Group in Chile, while supported and produced in cooperation with our first ambassadors in different cities from countries such as Costa Rica, EE.UU., England, Mexico, Netherlands and South Africa.

The EG Ambassadors Program aims to optimize a worldwide creative network to improve current practices in Chile and to expose the industry to highly successful creative economies and the latest technologies applied in the sector, in different continents. More news regarding the EG Ambassadors Program will be released towards its launch later this year.

Publicado el: 01/06/2018