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Épico.CL’s new FBA Services strategy on its way!

The rising dominance of e-commerce around the world is diversifying several economics fields, including our beloved creative industries and its many externalities. Areas such as audiovisual, cross content marketing, graphic and industrial design, web development and a wide array of outsourced creative labors are playing a major role in the successful implementation of e-commerce platforms all over the world.


With this said, Épico.CL will implement a division for trading and exporting goods and services starting the second semester of 2019, acting in different market places through Amazon Business Services or more commonly known as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). 


The project is currently in its research and business strategy state, connecting with different providers and suppliers mainly in Asia, to launch a brand new line of products with the label of Épico.CL under its newly created division for these purposes: Épico FBA. 


Stay put for the launch of Épico.CL on Amazon the second semester of 2019. More news coming soon!  

Publicado el: 01/03/2019